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Malaysian Songket

Songket is a beautiful woven textile from the brocade family. It is most often made from cotton or silk with a portion of the motif woven in metallic threads. Traditionally, this luxurious fabric was used for costumes on ceremonial occasions.  

Scholars are still debating where the craft originated, with evidence of Chinese, Indian, and Cambodian influences found in the materials, motifs and process. It is believed that the textile has been part of Malay culture since the 15th century.

To ensure that the tradition of songket weaving survives, the queen of Malaysia established a foundation to support weavers with training and to provide the weavers they work with a liveable wage. Read about YTNZ and learn more about Royal Terengganu Songket.

Our first tablerunners are made from songket from a small business in Terengganu. We selected a simple geometric Bunga Dalam (Flowers Within) motif. The runners add wonderful color to your table and work well with simpler patterned plates.


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