Textiil Yellow Floral Batik


The people, the food, and the textiles are some of my favorite things about Indonesia.  While living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I attended an Indonesian trade exposition.  Among the many products on display, there were several booths of batiks from different parts of Indonesia. What an eye opening introduction to the wonderful, inexhaustible world of handcrafted textiles from the region.

Textiil Batik Making
Indigo Dip Dye


On the island of Java I have been able to experience a small sample of the incredibly diverse traditional hand made batiks and to develop a set of highly skilled artisan and social enterprise business partners.  It has been a delight to collaborate and to develop an evolving mix of products that both acknowledges and respect the traditional processes, but also brings some new ideas to our partners' creative portfolios, as we introduce new fabrics and motifs to the US marketplace.

Textiil Block Batik Napkins
Batik Napkins by Textiil


At Textiil we offer unique, limited production, interior accents made from artisan batiks and hand loomed cloths from Southeast Asia.  At the same time, we work with and support local businesses here in the greater Philadelphia area for components and consistent, quality finishing.  We support the craftspeople abroad by building awareness and access to these special textiles -- so they can continue and expand their businesses, and so our customers can bring something truly special into their homes.  

 In getting to know Textiil, I hope  you will look more deeply at the fabrics, the processes, and the people and cultures that provide them.  Maybe you'll discover something you want to have for yourself or a friend; something compelling, inspiring, and beautiful!


Best, Sally


Textiil is a member of the Aspen Institute's Artisan Alliance.