Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

Textiil designs accent pillows from an exclusive selection of

limited production batiks and luriks handcrafted in Java, Indonesia.

Textiil Artisan Textile Pillows
Horizon Indigo Lurik
Textiil Natural Indigo Pillows
Sky Garden
Textiil Natural Dye Block Batik Pillows
Falling Rice - Indigo

Textiil - Clove Flower Pillow
Clove Flower
Textiil Natural Dye Batik Pillows
Floral Pop - Gold
Textiil Pinwheel Batik Lumbar Pillow

Textiil Block Batik Pillow
Buckle and Bone
Textiil Natural Dye Batik Pillow
Sunflower Natural Dye
Textiil Gold Parang Block Batik Pillow
Royal Parang - Gold

All pillows come with non-allergenic cotton cover inserts. 

Textiil Batik Pillow Collection
Block Batik Pillows by Textiil