Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

Textiil designs accent pillows from an exclusive selection of

limited production batiks and luriks handcrafted in Java, Indonesia.

Textiil - Clove Flower Pillow
Clove Flower
Textiil Natural Dye Batik Pillows
Floral Pop - Gold
Textiil Pinwheel Batik Lumbar Pillow

Textiil Artisan Textile Pillows
Horizon Indigo Lurik
Textiil Natural Indigo Pillows
Sky Garden
Textiil Natural Dye Block Batik Pillows
Falling Rice - Indigo

Textiil Block Batik Pillow
Buckle and Bone
Textiil Natural Dye Batik Pillow
Sunflower Natural Dye
Textiil Gold Parang Block Batik Pillow
Royal Parang - Gold

All pillows come with non-allergenic cotton cover inserts. 

Textiil Batik Pillow Collection
Block Batik Pillows by Textiil