Pillows - Refreshing!

Textiil Batik Pillows Red Orange Stripe
Textiil Batik Pillows

Yesterday, my friend Karen was choosing new pillows for her guest bedroom. She really liked two very different pillows -- which reminded me of a great little slideshow on House Beautiful  titled "1 Sofa, 6 Different Looks."   Changing your pillows is a fun, and relatively inexpensive way to refresh a room.  A large neutral sofa and relatively soft neutral bedding colors provides the perfect setting -- she really can change the look and feel of the room by simply changing her pillows.  For herself and her guests, her favorites are the bright, bold orange and red stripe batik pillows in the photo.  But when her son comes home, she'll revert back to a calm, crisp and modern look with blue and green clouds on a natural background.  (I love pillows).

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