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Textiil joins 1% for the Planet

When I started Textiil, I knew I wanted to raise awareness of the rich textile traditions from Malaysia and Indonesia, to help broaden the market for the cloth and to provide income to the artisans and business people involved in the making and selling of the cloth.  In addition, to engage and employ people here in the US for additional product components and craftsmanship.   As I source my batik, one of the challenges has been sourcing "clean" batik.   Slowly I am pulling together a group of individuals and companies using natural dyes, and/or filtering the water from the dying process.  I'm definitely making headway, but the pace of change is a little bit slow!  So I am very happy to announce that Textiil has joined the community at 1% for the Planet. Our contribution will support three organizations: Cityseed in New Haven, CT, the Malaysia Nature Society, and East Bali Poverty Project.  Done!  (And well in advance of the holidays -- when we'll introduce a line of ornaments and mugs based on design cues from some of our favorite batiks).  Learn more about how 1% for the Planet members have contributed over 100 million dollars to sustainability initiatives!

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