Batik Motif - Sido Wirasat

Textiil Wirasat Batik
Wirasat Batik Motif

At home, I have used this pattern for a handsome pair of lumbar pillows, but this batik has true significance as a Javanese wedding motif.  You can see this image in more detail on Pinterest (along with other beautiful batiks), or mouse over to see the patterns within the pattern. One of them is made up of tiny stars on a black background.  This Truntum pattern is broadly used in batik and can be found on its own, or incorporated with other motifs.  It is often worn in some form by the parents of a wedding couple as it signifies love that grows and blossoms again. But that is only part of this larger motif sido wirasat.


Though there are variations in interpretation, this sido wirasat pattern is a pattern worn by the parents of a wedding couple. As - sido meaning continuously, and wirasat meaning advice or counsel -  It is believed that the parents are in the position to provide good counsel to the wedding couple as they enter into their new life together. 


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